Senior Trials for 2019/20 Season

All players, both inside and outside the club, who wish to play in all Hatfield Netball Club senior teams, are required to attend trials.

Location: Herts Sports Village 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Tuesday 30th April: Falcons & Year 9 – all new players to the club unless advised otherwise.
Tuesday 7th May: Wasps, Kiwis, Owls, Herons and Harriers
Tuesday 14th May: Phoenix, Doves, Ospreys, Jays.
Tuesday 21st May: Hawks, Magpies.

Please note:

  • Anyone with outstanding club fees for 2018-19 season will not be accepted to trial.
  • All players selected will be expected to attend the senior training sessions as match teams will be selected at training.
  • All players selected will have to be affiliated to England Netball through Hatfield Netball Club.
  • All players from 2018/2019 Year 9, Youth and Seniors are invited to trial. However, if you trial and are accepted you must fully commit to that team which includes training sessions. Please pay particular attention to the match date and training session given for each team in the table below so you are fully aware what you are committing to.
  • Once the teams have been selected affiliations must be completed and returned promptly.
  • Please do not wear club colours for the trials.


Cost of trials is £8.00 per player, payable by bank transfer only. No money no trial!
 Entry forms for all dates should be completed by Friday 12th April 2019.  We are unable to deal with anyone who turns up on the night with a form.


  • If you are unsure which team to trial for please consult your current coach or drop us a line as you may need to miss the early trial dates if you currently play at a high level
  • The club coaches/selectors will appoint Captains and Vice Captains for each team, the duties for these will be to communicate with all squad members, co-ordinate and organise the team on match days, collect match subs, liaise with umpires, deal with league scorecards and ensure that all league rules are adhered to.
  • Please indicate on the trials form whether you would be happy to be appointed as Captain or Vice Captain – its a hard job not just a title .


The club coaches request that you trial with your current team, this does not mean you will not be considered for other squads. Please state on your trials form which team(s) you wish to be considered for.

If you have any problems with attending a particular trial date please let us know by email the club email address and we will attempt to accommodate you on an alternative date.


Team League Match Day Training Day
Hawks Regional 1 Saturday / Sunday Tues- Herts Uni Sports Village
Magpies Regional 3 Saturday / Sunday Tues- Herts Uni Sports Village
Phoenix /Doves Herts Div 2/3 Sun – Ridgeway Academy Wednesday – Ridgeway Academy
Ospreys / Jays / Kiwis Herts Div 4 / WHNL Sat/Sun – Stanborough School Wednesday – Bishops School
Wasps /Owls WHNL(Local) Sat – Stanborough School Monday  – Bishops School
Herons / Falcons WHNL (Local) Sat – Stanborough School Mondays- Beaumont School



Senior Trials 2019 Sign Up Form